Our courses offer in-depth instructions to put you on the path to success in your life, business, and relationships!

Each course incorporates neuroscience and neuropsychology to help you train your brain for success and maximize your natural brain gifts. At the foundation of every course is the Brain Personality Connection Assessment, the most comprehensive personality assessment tool available today.

Create Your Business Plan for Massive Growth!

NEW! This course will bring your business ideas together into a plan of action. Get ready to put your thinking caps on and brainstorm away! From past ideas to mind mapping, this course will get your brain gears going!

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YBM Certification Program

This is the pride of the YBM University! This extensive look into the Brain Personality Connection allows its participants to gain an understanding of the complex neuroscience and neuropsychology of a person's individual personality. In addition to learning about the BPC, the participants gain a deep understanding of the mind/brain connection, the neuroscience of mindset, and psychoneuroimmunology.

Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson guides you through this wealth of information in a fun, interesting, and brain friendly way.

This is a MUST program for all coaches, consultants, and teachers.

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Get Your Brain In Your Business and Build Your Business Around Your Brain!

This course has 4-1 hour sessions that teach you to design a business that is built with your brain gifts in mind. It also teaches you how to identify what tasks to outsource to others and what tasks to focus your attention on. The results are maximum efficiency and profitability!

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Recording of Live Homeschooling Webinar

For those who missed the live recording of our Webinar entitled "Take the Stress out of Homeschooling: Top Tips for a Stress Free Experience"

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Train Your Brain For Greater Success!

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