Meet Brain Lady Julie Anderson and her team!


How We Got Started:

The story begins 22 years ago when Julie Anderson, the founder of the company, started her journey into the amazing world of the brain. Starting with her studies in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, she began to grow her knowledge of all things pertaining to what she likes to call the brain personality connection and to improve your brain and physical health by managing your mindset. One of her favorite sayings is: “Your brain listens to what your mind is telling it, so be careful what you are saying.” In short, the message is that positive thoughts lead to positive health and positive effects on your life and business.

Over the years, Julie has expanded her knowledge by becoming a master researcher of brain scientists. In other words, she has researched, read, and compiled information from the field of neuroscience via books, reports, studies, and white papers that contained scientific information about the brain personality connection and general brain facts to help us live, learn, and succeed with greater ease. 

Your Best Mind has produced numerous products and programs as a means to share this information with the world. Through Your Best Mind’s presentations, courses, and the, one-of-a-kind, Brain Personality Connection Assessment, this vital information is improving lives everywhere. Now, with the Your Best Mind Certification Program and the YBM University, the message will be available worldwide. Certified consultants will carry this information to all parts of the world. Through the Your Best Mind’s signature Mind-Blowing Life-Transforming events all attendees will begin to make life-changing improvements as they apply the knowledge given.

Whether you are an individual looking to improve your life and relationships, parents desiring to improve their skills, an entrepreneur wanting to increase your profits, or a corporate office that wants to improve its employees’ productivity and attendance, improving its bottom line, Your Best Mind’s programs are for you.

It is the goal of Your Best Mind to open people’s minds to the power of the brain. To help them see that improvements in their lives, businesses, and relationships is possible by using the power of the brain!

A Few Words About the Brain Behind the Company:

Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson is considered to be one of the nation’s top experts on the Brain Personality Connection. She is a dynamic and engaging international public speaker; business, communication, and relationship consultant; as well as a published Author. She has been interviewed on several radio stations including the ABC network and television appearances on Fox, UPN, and ABC. For more than 16 years, she has been igniting her audiences to fire up their brains to inspire positive changes in the relationships of all in attendance. The information she shares will help those who hear to accelerate their success in life and business through discovery of their natural gifts and maximizing their brain power.

Julie’s educational background is vast. She studied Natural Health, Psychology, Human Resource Development and Psychoneuroimmunology at Clayton College. She is a 3 time attendee of Realizations Inc., Success Resources International’s Brain and Innate Giftedness program. She has also received CEC’s in the field of Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Neuropsychology, and Brain Function. She has done extensive research in the areas of Personality Types, Brain Function and Anatomy, Brain Health, and the Brain Personality Connection. She has also attended community colleges for Deaf Studies and is a professional interpreter for the deaf.

In May of 2009, she created the parent company for her speaking, consulting, and coaching. Julie uniquely blends science and psychology when she shares her knowledge with businesses, entrepreneurs, women’s groups, and families through keynote speaking; workshops; lectures; private consulting and coaching; and her writings. She assists companies to improve their workplace morale and productivity; parents to create dynamic relationships with their children, and woman to achieve more in life and business.

Julie’s approach is unique. By including the latest scientific research on the brain personality connection, she provides her clients with the all-important “why” behind what people do and how they think. Through an understanding of brain chemistry, she provides the tools and processes that can change lives in a positive way. She helps individuals to get past blocks and create forward momentum in their relationships. Her always positive and up-building approach brings true long-lasting success to those she works with.

Julie has published two books: The Brainstorm Journal and Enjoying Your Homeschool Journey – Keys to Teaching Your Child with Their individual Brain in Mind. She is also a coauthor of The Change Book 4. 

Julie is the proud parent of three sons, Alex, Kasey, and Colton Anderson. She resides in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of California with her husband of 30 years, Paul Anderson.