Understanding Your Unique Brain Code -Your Brain Personality Connection Will Help You to Optimize Your Brain Power for Greater Success in Life, Business, and Relationships  

Are your days filled with stress?

Do you feel like you are in a constant state of overwhelm?

Does it feel like every day instead of getting things accomplished, procrastination is your best friend?

This is why you need to discover your Brain Personality Connection!

Why Is It So Important to Understand the Brain Personality Connection?


According to current brain research, our brains are naturally wired with areas of energy expenditure advantage. Portions of our brains where we spend a considerably less energy to work out of. The Brain Personality Connection will help you discover your natural brain gifts, your areas of energy expenditure advantage. When you understand this, you will be able to avoid brain drain and keep your brain sharp. This will enable you to do what you need to do. The result is you will have more success and feel like you are thriving instead of just surviving.



"I just took your test and sent it to my family and friends and everyone thought it was SO interesting. Such a cool tool!" - Ava

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Let's Learn More About the Brain Personality Connection:


The Brain Personality Connection connects how your brain is wired and how that shows up in your personality. It's about how you think, how you act and WHY you do what you do. This is the result of your DNA code combined with your nurture. That is how you were raised and the environment that you were raised in. Using advanced neuroimaging, current neuroscience research helps us to understand how our natural personality strengths are tied to what is coded in our DNA. 


Understanding the Brain Personality Connection Will Help You Succeed in…


LIFE - Feeling comfortable in your own skin-or should I say your own brain, builds confidence. You can stop trying to be someone you are not coded to be or waste vital brain energy working to become something you are not designed to be. You can stop beating yourself up for what others think you should become and confidently own who you are! When you do this you can stop negative thinking, quiet the negative voices in your head, and create a positive self-talk and self-image. This may take time and work. But we know that the brain is malleable and by retraining your thinking we can rewire our brains for permanent positive change. Taking the Brain Personality Assessment is the first step in a journey of self discovery and growth that will bring on a feeling of happiness and confidence like never before!

BUSINESS - An important part of every company's success stems from its ability to choose the ideal employee for each specific position. Hiring the appropriate individual for the right job in your organization is now easier thanks to advances in neuroscience. Employee turnover will be reduced, workers will be happier and more productive, and the profits in your organization will soar!

This means no more procrastination and no more trying to do everything on your own. You will be able to manage entrepreneurial stresses and build a business you love!

Having your potential hires take this assessment will give you a hiring advantage  and reduce training costs. This is also a great tool for team building. When everyone on the team knows the brain personalities they are regularly interacting with, communication increases, conflict decreases, and teams become a well oiled machine. 


ENTREPRENEURS - How would you like to have a highly successful and highly profitable business? Of course you would. This is every entrepreneurs dream. The insights that you will gain from the Brain Personality Assessment will allow you to get your brain in your business and build your business around your brain. No more procrastination, no more trying to do everything, manage the entrepreneurial stresses, and build a business that you love!

RELATIONSHIPS - On the surface, your own brain may seem like the last thing on your mind while attempting to enhance your relationships. Nonetheless, it is the location where the core of our personality lies. It is also where we process emotions and emotional responses to interacting with others. The processes by which you perceive, comprehend, recall, evaluate, desire, and respond to people. When we understand how best to relate to and communicate with their unique brain personality connection, our relationships grow. We greatly reduce how much we get offended by others because we can remove the emotion from the situation. We understand that their opinion is based on their brain personality connection and is simply their opinion. Their perspective does not reduce our value or our opinion. The weight to impress others or change our thinking for others is removed. No stress! Just different opinions based on different brain codes. 

Invest in Your Unique Brain Gifts

"I highly recommend to take the time to do it so that you better understand you. Definitely worth the report you get at the end." - Kathy

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Why should you take the Brain Personality Assessment? 

The Brain Personality Assessment is the most comprehensive personality assessment tool available on the market today. The BPCA, in contrast to other personality assessments, goes to great lengths to delve deep into neuroscience, neuropsychology and personality type. Using cutting-edge brain research and taking into account five unique factors, it creates a profile unlike any other. 


The five facets of the Brain Personality Connection: 

1) Your Brain Quadrant Dominance 

2) Your Sensory Modality 

3) Your Introversion/Ambiversion/Extroversion Level 

4) Your Brain Gender 

5) Your Nurture 

"I took the assessment and I'm amazed by how accurate the results were" - Alyssa Bellisario

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