Congratulations! You are ready to take your business to the next level and beyond by adding professional speaking to your offerings.


There is huge power to the platform.

Power in ways that you can positively affect those who hear your message.

Power because you build your credibility and brand yourself as an expert in your field.

And huge power in the way that it will help your business grow and bring you a consistent flow of qualified leads.

You will see your profits increase as your business grows and you gain access to the stages that pay you to bring your message to their audience!


If that isn't exciting enough Julie will also teach you how to get larger corporate clients that want to bring you in and have you share your wisdom within their organization.


This is where the cash register REALLY rings!

As part of this program with Julie Anderson - Brain Lady Speaker, you will benefit from her 20+ years of professional speaking experience. She will walk you through the steps from A to Z of establishing yourself as a highly sought-after speaker and how to break into the corporate space for even greater profit.


Master how to design your speaker’s sheet.     

Learn how to set up a speaker specific website or webpage where meeting planners can easily discover and book you.

Get assistance in setting up your YouTube channel.

Learn how to create a sizzle or sample reel.

Develop a plan for where and how to network for greater speaking opportunities.

Get the "how to" of corporate work and big paydays.

Learn how to use gig sites to increase your paid speaking options.

Identify how to find and apply for more events than your calendar can handle.

Get tips on how to build a team to assist you with the details.

Gain delivery skills for presenting in a way that leaves the organizer wanting more.

Design your follow-up system to turn your leads into paying customers.

Want to start right away and have personal, private access to Julie?


Then join her exclusive program and get the special perks of working one-on-one with the Brain Lady Speaker.


As a private client you will:

  • Meet once a week for 90 min over the course of 12 weeks.¬†
  • We create an individualized custom speaking plan.
  • Once approved, introduction to speaking opportunities.
  • Gain access to exclusive trainings.
  • and so much more!

  Private VIP $2997

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