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Learn the techniques and skills to build a home environment and method of teaching that fosters the brain of your children!

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Ignite Your Child's Brain

Gain an understanding of the neuroscience of learning and how to create a brain friendly enrironment at home.

Remove The Frustration and Anxiety You and Your Child Are Feeling Right Now

You will learn the techniques of how to control your brain and emotions so that this experience will be filled with fun and bonding for everyone ion your family!

Teach With Your Child's Individual Brain IN Mind

 Learn the difference between the visual, auditory, and tactile brain. As well as the difference between the right and left brain learners and the boy and girl brains.

“Hi.  My name is Cherese and I have been homeschooling three years.  We took our nine year old son out of a gifted school that taught the kids with many of the techniques discussed in this workshop.  As a homeschooler we never understood the importance of it.  All through this workshop we learned so much and feel that Ms. Julie Anderson should be a keynote speaker for next year—as this information is so greatly needed for all of us homeschoolers.  Learning about the brain and how it works is incredibly important.”


---Cherese Bower


Session One Summary:

  • Create a Brain Friendly Environment

Scientists have discovered that there are environmental factors that can assist the brain to retain information. There are also things that occur in the average classroom that make it more difficult for the brain to retain information. What are these and how can you skip the negative things and build a brain friendly learning area?

  • Teach In The Way The Brain Will Learn Best

Methods of instruction can be boring to the brain or they can be fun for the brain. In this module we will cover the fun things. Julie gives great ideas and teaches you techniques on how to teach the different subjects in ways that the brain will love.


Session Two Summary:


  • The Boy and Girl Brains. Gender and Teaching

Now we start to dive into the facets of the Brain Personality Connection and look at the difference between how the boy brain and how the girl brain differs in processing and retaining information.

  • Sensory Modality aka Learning Styles: Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic

 A very important factor in teaching your child with their individual brain in mind is understanding sensory modalities-Learning Styles. In this module Julie will teach you what those styles are, how they differ, and how you need to adjust your approach to instruction with these differences in mind.

Session Three Summary:


  • Brain Quadrant Dominance Part One- Left Brainers

The difference between the right brain and the left brain is not just structural. The wiring is different, the functions are different, the way those with a left-brain dominance process and learning is different than that of the right brained child.

  • Brain Quadrant Dominance Part Two-Right Brainers

Understanding these differences are critical in understanding people, most importantly under this topic, the dominance of your child.  In modules 5 and 6 Julie will cover the basics in the 4 brain quadrant dominances. She will explain what the strength and challenge is for each of the quadrants.

Session Four Summary:

  • Introversion/Ambiversion/Extroversion-Why Keeping Brain Stimulus In Mind

Here Julie will cover the neuroscience behind why some children are labeled “hyper” while others are quiet and hard to get engaged in schoolwork. Next, she will give you techniques and activities that will work for both ends of the spectrum

  • Managing the obstacles and Self-care and stress management

No matter how well you create a brain friendly atmosphere or how much you take each of your children’s individual brain in mind, there will always be obstacles that you will need to overcome. No need to worry, Brain Lady Julie has you covered. 

Top Tips and Tricks To Successfully Teach At Home In A Stress Free Environment.

"This is a session EVERY SINGLE homeschool parent should hear.  We all consider curriculum and reading and some of us consider the spiritual component but how many of us consider how our kids learn?  Realizing how little things like rest and sleep and moving during learning can really improve our delivery.  The brain is where it starts.  The session was interactive and practical.  One of THE BEST sessions I attended.”


---Anna Brown

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